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Before Techwork was officially founded we already were providing internship opportunities for Slovak and Czech people in our future mother company in Holland.

Techwork was officially founded in 2005 as the daughter company of a Dutch technical company that has a foundry, a machining and an assembly department. A branch in Holland as well as in Slovakia was opened and from that moment on we also provided our services to other companies.
Due to our roots the main focus was on technical professions.


Till April 2015 we supplied people exclusively to our former sister company, Techwork B.V. in Holland.
Since April 2015 the office in Slovakia has been independent and from that moment on we also supply candidates to other agencies (mainly in Holland) or directly to companies where the candidates will work (mainly in Slovakia and The Czech Republic). We still maintain a strong relation with Techwork in Holland and still provide them with candidates.
As we have a broader range of agencies and companies we work with we also expanded our focus to different types of work but still feel a strong connection to technical professions.

Our employees have been working and living abroad themselves so we know what we are talking about, we worked ourselves in and with different cultures.
The current owner is a Dutchman who has lived in Slovakia since 2003.
Of course we speak several languages so we are able to communicate with our customers and are also able to test the language level of our candidates.

We are located in the heart of Slovakia. Even though most of our interviews take place by Skype, from Banská Bystrica we are able to personally visit our candidates throughout Slovakia as well.





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